Ashen Verdict, Battered Hilt, & Lady Deathwhisper

Well, it looks like Ashen Verdict rep remains the same in 25-man ICC, and that’s good news.  There were rumors/talk Blizz could nerf it since people continued to farm trash over and over for rep.  We went in there last night, and the numbers looked much the same.

Also, after nerfing the drop rate of The Battered Hilt, Blizz decided to increase the drop rate in all three new ICC five-mans this week.  Yay!  From Blizz by way of MMO-Champion:

“…we are increasing the drop rate of the Battered Hilt in all three wings of this Heroic five-player dungeon. We have seen a great deal of discussion about this item’s chance of dropping since the release of patch 3.3.0 and agree that it is currently too low. As a result, players should find greater accessibility to this item while running these dungeons, or while trading with other players who have it.

In light of this change, we are also removing the chance for the Battered Hilt or any other epic item to drop from the Skeletal Slaves in the Pit of Saron. The need to “farm” these creatures for the Battered Hilt should be reduced by our first in-game fix and will no longer result in a chance for epic loot or Battered Hilts.”

This is also good news because this is a very sweet weapon to have while waiting on the perfect 25-man drop.

In other news

We are now 3/4 (or 12) in 25-man ICC.  I noticed on Lady Deathwhisper you can time your Mass Dispel to hit right as her  Frostbolt lands.

From WoWWiki:

  Frostbolt 40 yd range — Inflicts 50,700 to 53,300 Frost damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed by 50% for 4 sec. 2 sec cast. Interruptable but unresistable on heroic difficulty. 58,000 to 61,000 on Heroic.

Hopefully, someone is interrupting this, but just in case there’s a fail player in the group, whenever you see her start to cast this spell, time your Mass Dispel to land just after her spell lands.  Frostbolt only lasts for four seconds; however, people need to be somewhat mobile plus damage is damage.  I don’t really like it unless it’s a pally tank who needs to take damage to regenerate mana.

 What I really, really hate are those darn bubbles the adds have. 

  Shroud of the Occult — Envelops the caster in a powerful barrier that deflects all harmful magic, prevents cast interruption, and absorbs up to 100,000 damage before breaking. Instant. Used when Deathwhisper casts Dark Empowerment

You can’t dispel them and my shadowfiend can do nothing with them!  So I have to heal and turn, heal and turn looking for a bubble-less NPC.  So much going on, they can be hard to spot.. LOL.  I notice my shadowfiend has sort of been grunting and wandering around looking for something to do.  So I really have to be careful where I send him.  The DPS has to burn those bubbles down and THEN you can send in the fiend; however, depending on how fast they are burning through the NPCs, you have to catch them quickly or your shadowfiend will again have nothing to do.  Your mana will continue to be low.

Leave me your tips for these new raids, and I am still waiting to hear your experiences in 3.3!  Are you satisfied?

Happy Raiding!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Great tips!!

    I haven’t seen the Lady yet, but I have a question – regarding that frostbolt – does it do all 50k damage all at once, or is it a DoT over 4 secs? I don’t have any raiders with a 50k health pool, so I don’t understand why Mass Dispel is effective. I would have thought it would just one shot the target.

    Does it work differently than I thought?


  2. The 50k seems to be spread out amongst the raid. It hits multiple people in range and appears to lock them down for those four-seconds- like a mage frost nova. I have seen my entire healbot go red meaning folks are taking damage and can’t really move and that is not good. I guess I should have explained that better in the post. It is a quick debuff, but I like to dispel it just to be safe.

    .-= Exanna´s last blog ..Ashen Verdict, Battered Hilt, & Lady Deathwhisper =-.


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