Quel'delar belongs to me…

QD AchieveIt took between three to four hours to complete the quest line, but finally, the mace- Hammer of Purified Flame– is mine.  I hope it was well worth it!  Here are some pics from my journey with a little explanation.

Taming QDYou will have to face your own weapon in battle in the Halls of Reflection after having run the Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron.  You can complete the quest line on regular although I believe the hilt itself only drops on heroic.  I recommend you take someone with you to fight the sword.  Hubby’s ret pally came along but switched to prot to help out.  We did just fine.

Fight in The Dead ScarYou will also have to fight several level 80 mobs in The Dead Scar.  You will be alone at this point, but you should not fear.  I got through this just fine as a holy priest doing damage.  You also get help from an NPC.  If you do have a shadow spec, feel free to spriest it up here.




Cleansing the swordThe prettiest part of the quest line is in The Sunwell where you cleanse your sword before it becomes your mace.   All the people inside The Sunwell  are surprisingly nice- hard to get used to! LOL







It all comes to an end at the Pavillion in the Argent Tournament Grounds. 


Happy Raiding!



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