Priest Busy Work–> Ashen Verdict Rep On Farm

My Ashen Verdict rep is ever so slowly ticking upwards, and it seems I don’t have the time to really make it go any faster.  Exanna has been very busy with all of the new features in Patch 3.3.   The Random Heroic Daily, farming The Battered Hilt, still trying to do my regular dailies while maintaining a full-time job and trying to get some sleep!  So much to do!

The answer may be farming ICC trash in 10-mans on off-nights.  (Let’s go, Hubby! )Several people have done it already.  Go in, kill trash, get out, reset the instance, dive back in for more.  (You can do this for The Battered Hilt, too.  Just don’t kill the boss!)  We actually took a group in there last night on 10-man, and the raid comp was all wrong.  So noboss kill, but we did get rep.  And the rep is soooo important.

Not only can you access the crafted patterns at honored and revered, but there are four epic rings to be had based on your reputation with the Ashen Verdict.  You’ll also need 200g every time you exchange one ring for its upgrade.

Friendly: Ashen Band of Wisdom

Honored: Ashen Band of Greater Wisdom

Revered: Unmatched Wisdom

Exalted: Endless Wisdom

These are rings you earn.  You don’t have to compete with anyone to get them.  You just have to get into the instance and start killing stuff. 

Wowhead breaks it down:

Killing monsters in Icecrown Citadel seems the more reliable option, but as you can guess, the numbers are low.

  • 1 reputation for non-elites
  • 10 reputation for easy elites
  • 20 reputation for hard or named elites
  • 50 (100?) reputation for bosses

It’s just like the rings outside of Kara at 7o ‘cept better.

For those not  attached to a guild, I have not taken a look yet, but I do wonder if you can LFG the new raid.  If so, even a pug is likely to get some rep on trash.  I wish you luck with that.

So, I guess I have to add this to my schedule.  Is it crucial?  Think about it this way.  By the time you hit revered and exalted, your rings have a chance to trigger a 10-second SP bonus.  I may have missed out while I was leveling, but I ain’t never had a ring that can do that!

Go and get it!

Happy Raiding!



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