Venturing Into Icecrown

Tonight was pretty awesome.  The guild went in and killed Lord Marrowgar.  It took a few attempts, but we got him.  We kind of used the TankSpot strategy for this fight, with ranged spreading around the room and melee up close and personal.

The key to healing this fight is to pay attention to people’s health!  (I know.. duh!) But the debuffs reduce health rather quickly!   Be sure to heal those who get impaled.  It’s got a real nasty tick.  Lucky for you, you are a priest.  So whenever your DBM tells you he’s about to cast the Bone Graveyard, go head and pop a renew on yourself just in case!  I was impaled several times tonight, and the renew made the difference.  Also, avoid the Cold Flames, and when it came to his whirlwind, I just ran to the wall, popped a Renew, Binding Heal or Desperate Prayer on me and kept healing the others who were in my line of sight.

It’s not that difficult of a fight once you get used to avoiding the Cold Flames and WW.  It becomes sort of like a dance.

Unfortunately, we stopped there.  Two of our people dc’d.  Others had lag.  It is incredibly beautiful in there, which sadly enough means some folks will have lag.  We did, however, take in the weekly raid.  Going back to Naxx to kill Instructor Razuvious was both refreshing and worth the 5 Emblems of Frost.

Also tonight, we went into the new five man in search of the Battered Hilt.  If you haven’t checked out the Quel’delar quest chain, you should.  A nice mace in there for you!  Hubby got the hilt tonight.  I am hoping to greed it up tomorrow night!

Hope you had fun on the first day of the patch!  I know I did…. Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads.

Happy Raiding!



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