Quel'delar Quest Chain

I mentioned earlier how there’s a nice mace for you in this line of quests.  It’s called the Hammer of Purified Flame.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  It’s not an easy “get”, but I don’t think it will be too difficult once you obtain  The Battered Hilt in the new five-man instance, The Frozen Halls.  How do you get it?  I’ve been told it can drop just once in a run or maybe even twice.  You can also buy it in the Auction House as it is BOE.  The going price on Antonidas is 10k.

I am going to run this everyday (well, maybe not everyday, but pretty darn close) until the hilt drops for me, and then I am going to quest like a fool until I get the end product.

The quest chain itself looks like a bunch of errands, then raiding, errands then raiding some more.  It has 13 parts.  Hubby says the first few errands didn’t take long at all (maybe 30 minutes), but he tells me finding the NPCs was frustrating at times. 

Comparing it to my current weapon, the Quel’delar mace is just better.  I will lose Mp5 completely, but I will gain haste and a little crit  PLUS 56 SP.  Not bad for a five-man weapon upgrade from a 25-man.  I can shift some stuff around, too, if mana becomes an issue. 

The mace is also a very nice weapon to wield while we all wait for Frozen Bonespike to drop.  Please, look at that tooltip and then just take a moment for yourself.  Yeeeeeeeep.  I pee’d my pants a little, too.  That’s friggin’ awesome, eh?

So, get in those five mans, get this hilt, or if you are so inclined, buy it off the AH.  I am all for self-upgrading!  There’s so much competition in a 25-man situation.  A lot of luck involved there, but you can do what you can to make your priest the best he or she can be gearwise.  This is a good place to start.. while we wait for Primordial Saronite to drop somewhere somehow to make the new patterns.

Happy Raiding!



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  1. Yes, I’ve had my eyes on this Hammer for some time. For some reason gear you get from quests like this feels easier then random bossloot or emblem gear. Which prob is silly as they usually involve running the raids or instances just as many times 🙂
    .-= Uskan´s last blog ..A story of death and deceit =-.


  2. […] now I am working on the Quel’delar quest chain.  First stop, Argent Tournament Grounds!  I am not stopping until the Hammer of Purified […]


  3. […] The shoulders dropped off some ICC 25 trash.  I was able to buy the ring after farming my Ahsen Verdict rep up to friendly, and the weapon came from The Battered Hilt which dropped in the Halls of Reflection five-man to open up the Quel’delar quest chain. […]


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