Anub Still Lives, But On The Upside…

…I got a new laptop, and I have never ever ever ever had such a smooth raid.  Low latency.  No lag.  Smooth moves.  It was awesome not to lock up, ya know?

As I said, I did not buy a gaming pc.  /dream

I got a Gateway NV52… something about 64bit, ATI Graphic Card 3200, 320 GGB HDD and 4 GB of memory.  It is nice, and it is my Christmas-come-early.

Sort of bummed about Anub.  6%!  But with the patch dropping tomorrow, everyone’s mind is elsewhere.  I hope Patch 3.3 isn’t as “buggy” as Anub!

I have to admit, I am so very excited.  Hubby and I are trying to figure out where to start.  The Quel’dalar quest line for the wep, Hammer of Purified Flame?   I want to work on Ashen Verdict; however, the only questline available is Shadowmourne.  I will have to wait to get into a dungeon or raid to get some rep.

The bad news for me is I have to work a very, very long day.  So Day One of 3.3 already looks like it is escaping me.  I wish all of you the best in the new patch.  WoW Head has a very good guide.  Check it out!

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