Holy Nova, Batman! The bug is gonna blow!

Remember when we talked about committing Priesticide on Heroic Anub’arak 10? Well, I never really got to try it tonight; however, I will say, with the Glyph of Spirit of Redemption, my ghost stays up for quite a long time!

We tried the Holy Nova trick thus, me never really dying, and it worked better than what we did last week.  We all sort of group up behind the boss, and I don’t really spam Holy Nova.  I watch the raid’s health and hit it as needed.   It also does a little damage to the scarab.  Of course, with adds up, someone has to keep spamming the tanks.   I try to keep hots on them and Guardian Spirit, but the other two healers keep dying from the adds.  (We have not ventured ito two healing it yet!)

We got the scarab down to 7%!  That’s quite an improvement from 10%… um… yeah.  But still, I think we will get him tomorrow night.  He has to die at some point, and his death might as well be BEFORE the predicted drop date of Patch 3.3.

The only problem is Penetrating Cold, for which Bob Turkey suggests:

As holy i’d probably FH one person with Penetrating Cold, FH the other then PoH the non-tank group. Finally CoH the lowest person in the tank group and PoM the next lowest person.. Or something like that.

I’ve been doing some of that in previous attempts, and it seems the Penetrating Cold is really getting to us.  We will see…

Wish us luck!

Happy Raiding!


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  1. My experience last night says that if you have a few DPS who are not top notch this is a lot harder.

    5 x 6k DPS = fairly easy
    3 x 6k DPS + 2 x 5k DPS = very hard. Although we made the mistake of wasting our time by not wiping if we couldn’t get him to P3 after one submerge.

    PC is the killer. It just ticks for so much when your raiders only have a few thousand health most of the time.

    Good luck.


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