Primordial Saronite, Emblems of Frost, and Best In Slot

I mentioned Primordial Saronite before in a few posts back in November.  The saronite is a key ingredient not only in Shadowmourne but also in all crafted patterns.  I figure I will need 15 total just to buy and make the patterns for Sandals of Consecration and Lightweave Leggings.  Then I would get another two saronite to purchase the DPS cloth patterns (Deathfrost Boots and Leggings of Woven Death) for gold-making purposes.

The good news is, like every other new orb, we will be able to buy the Primordial Saronite with Emblems of Frost, but the bad news?  As usual, it’s not cheap. 

They cost 23 Emblems of Frost for each one.  And who knows WHEN Blizz will even make the Primordial Saronite available for purchase.  Remember the long wait on Runed and Crusader Orbs?

You will have to decide what your priorities are.  There’s a lot of nice stuff to buy with the Emblems.  Here are some that I would take a serious look at for Exanna.

We’re up to 575 Emblems so far.  Add to that 345 I will need for my patterns.  We’re talking serious raiding here.  It’s my understanding you can get a maximum of only 47 Emblems per week (a topic for another post!).  Those poor Shadowmourne seekers!  OMG.. Fatigue & Impatience!

Of course, I am guessing I will buy a number of the Primordial Saronite off the AH.  Thank goodness I have raised 25k, but I don’t think it will be enough.  That might get me five at this point, and that is sad.  If only I had started saving gold for 3.3 right after 3.2 came out. LOL

It’s also good to note that hopefully there are pieces of good gear that will drop in the new content.  But if your quest is to have the best, I suggest you look at which BiS items you can get on your own, and those crafted items are top-notch.

Happy Raiding- and Grinding for Emblems!


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