Priest-icide… FTW!

So, I was looking at Doug’s suggestion the other day about healing Phase 3 of Anub’arak in Spirit of Redemption form.   Doug wrote:

 A Holy “trick” you can pull is to intentionally let yourself “die” and finish out the fight in Spirit of Redemption form, tossing Guardian Spirit on the tank as it expires.

So, I figure if I use Glyph of Spirit of Redemption for this fight, then I could “live” for an extra 21 seconds without fear of “dying.”  I could just concentrate on healing and hopefully not get sweaty palms.

I was talking this over with another priest in the guild and was telling how I tried Holy Nova in ToC 10 with some success, and he reminded me there’s a glyph for that, too.  Hmmm. I wonder…. will it work in ToGC 10 and 25?  We will see, won’t we?

Anyhoo- I also wondered, how to make sure I don’t commit Priest-icide too soon.  So I found TimeToDie on Curse.  I had seen it before but finally downloaded it tonight.  The author says it will calculate the “estimated time until current target will die.”  I am curious how that interacts with Leeching Swarm.  Only one way to find out, right?

I’ll let you know how it all turns out!

Thanks, Doug and Bob Turkey for the suggestions.  We are going to get the bug down!  I just know it.

Happy Raiding!


3 responses to this post.

  1. TimeToDie sounds interesting. Usually i’d say it was a waste of space but Anub P3 where the damage is continuous and regular it might be interesting. I wonder if it will deal with the non-linear damage ok.

    Good luck.

    Gobble gobble.


  2. I wondered that, too. After running 10-man Ony last night, I can see the timer fluctuates with the amount of damge coming in. It may be hard to pinpoint WHEN to pop your wings. LOL Don’t want to die too soon, ya know?


  3. […] } Remember when we talked about committing Priesticide on Heroic Anub’arak 10? Well, I never really got to try it tonight; however, I will say, […]


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