A Few Things (including this blog being temporarily halted y'day)

OMG.. Patch!

I love patches!  I kept hearing 12-08-09 would be the day, and now it’s looking like that may be the day the patch goes live.  Last night, the first meaningful convo I had with hubby after getting home from work was about the patch.  Sad, huh? LOL 

Yeah, it is sort of sad, but a few weeks ago when it looked like 12-08 would be the day, hubby and I thought about asking for that week off.  Due to not knowing for certain it would drop then, we did not do that.  Plus there is a lot going on that week.  However, we do have the last three Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sundays in December off!  Yay!  I know.  I know.  We should be visiting family and stuff.  And we will get to them.. eventually.  We just want to get to the Ashen Verdict first! 😉

DK Tanks

I have a DK that comes out only to herb, make elixirs- hopefully proc’ing, and transmute gems.  I have thought about making DanityKane into a tank.  Today, MMO-Champion was talking about DK tanks as MT or OT.  Whatever you do, Blizzard, please make them less squishy!  I have found the less geared ones very hard to heal.  Even the geared ones seem to make me nervous.  They don’t have a shield, and I have to keep rolling HoTs on hubby’s when he pulls that abomination out to tank.  (LOL I hope you read this today.)  I have told him I don’t want to run the dailies with any of his alts.  Just his off-spec Pally Tank. 

If I ever figure out how to play my DK, I may tank with her as good tanks are hard to find.  If I can’t be good, at least I could be available. Look her up.  She is truly the squishiest of them all.  Still wearing leveling shoulders with 13k health.  I actually hate melee play.  Ranged is so much easier for me, but I may gear her up if I can find anyone to let my squishy butt in a run. /haha

Shutdown… temporarily

I lost the original post about that last night because WordPress has an automatic system that scans blogs for things it accepts and things it just doesn’t like.  I was trying to add a Blogroll to the sidebar when suddenly I got a freaky warning: “We have a concern about some of the content on your blog.”  They wouldn’t let me do a darn thing!

Whaaaaaaa?  I don’t use harsh language.  I don’t advertise or make money off the blog.  I don’t post obscene material.  So, I wrote several e-mails last night.  This is what I got in return this morning.

My apologies – the system should not have done that.

I have removed the warning and I am sorry for the concern it caused.



Oh, well.  I’m back and truly scared to add a blogroll.  I think I will try again.

Happy Raiding!


4 responses to this post.

  1. it must be all that priestly porn I post on my blog!


  2. It was probably afraid you were adding either paid text links or trying to become a link farm. Sometimes all it takes is an email to let them know you’re human. Glad to see it was fixed. 🙂


  3. […] efficiency will sort of depend on a tank’s avoidance.  I mean I would think it does now.  (Squishy DK tanks).  I know very little- if anything honestly- about avoidance, but I can see many a healer […]


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