Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader Part Three

We are now on the Twin Val’kyr.  You can find the Northrend Beasts here and Lord Jaraxxus here.

Twin Val’kyr

This fight confuses me most of the time, but I usually start off with the Dark Essence.  Of course, tehre are times when I start off with Light Essence.  It all depends on my assignment.  I do not change unless DBM- or a very knowledgeable raid leader- tells me to do so.  DBM will usually flash as a raid warning “Change Color.”  You will usually get this as a boss begins casting Dark Vortex or when you get hit with the Touch of Light or Touch of Darkness debuff.  These debuffs will hit random members and start ticking damage.  You can heal through them.  Just make sure you have that debuff programmed in Grid or Healbot so you can see it quickly.  Some groups would rather heal through it than have the DPS running off to click an essence.

I am either assigned raid heal or tank heal.  Either way, you have to stay mobile to avoid orbs.  I usually start off dark and then go stand by the light portal to wait for the switch.  And then, once the switch does happen, I run back to the dark portal (with the speed buff form the Body and Soul talent) using any instant cast I have at my disposal to keep the raid and tanks up.

As I said earlier, you have to dodge opposite color orbs.  I usually pop a renew and a PW:S on myself so I can concentrate on the others.  Don’t forget Binding Heal will help a lot here.  You may also find your self using your AoE heals quite a bit as the raid’s health starts ticking down immediately.

Of course, this all depends on which strategy you are using.  If you are all standing in the doorway to avoid all orbs, this fight can be very intense for healers.  I mean seriously intense!  We have done it successfully in my 10-man group only once.  That takes massive group heals during the vortex!  I like to save my Divine Hymn for then.  If by chance you have another priest, they can take the second and just pray there is not a third.

The best advice I can give for any fight is to remain Raid Aware. LOL.  Simple but true and very valuable here.  There are a lot of things to deal with in Trial of the Crusader.  Who knew Blizz would incorporate dodge ball into a boss fight?  Wait until we get to Anub’arak.  It’s like playing tag with a big scarab.  That final boss fight in Trial of the Crusader is up next. 🙂

Happy Raiding,


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