Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader Part Four


Ahh, Anub’arak.  I really don’t know where to start- mainly because we are STILL trying to down the bloody bugger in the heroic 10 version.  10 and 25 regular?  Not a problem at all.  But in hero 10- we got the filthy scarab down to 10-frickin-% last night. 


Anyhoo.. now that I have vented about hero versions of bugs I can’t stand, I will talk to you about the regular versions who die on a weekly basis.  If you are looking for previous bosses are found at these links: Northrend Beasts, Jaraxxus and Faction Champs, Twin Val’kyr.

As usual, I PoM the boss tank.  I may even bubble him if I feel like being nice. 😉  There isn’t any immediate raid-wide damage.  So if I am raid healing, I just keep an eye on the tank(s).  But then fun debuffs like Penetrating Cold will hit random people.  Pop a renew on them and FH.  Of course, whenever you get three stacks of Serendipity pop up, by all means use a GH or PoH if necessary.  Cast whatever heal you think is best for the situation.  Just… don’t go AFK.

Burrow Phase

When Anub burrows, the fight gets kicked up a notch.  He will target players one at a time, chasing them with pursuing spikes.  We all meet in the middle after Anub burrows, and then run the opposite direction of the person who is targeted.  As for healing, I like to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, popping renew and PW:S on anyone I can hit.  This will help because there are these little swarm scarabs that will attach themselves to anyone they can find, leaving a stacking debuff behind.  It hurts… bad.  They have killed me many times.  It helps when a tank can gather them up and take care of them that way.  That doesn’t always happen, so like all good boy and girl scouts, be prepared.

As for kiting the spikes, I usually try to hit PW:S on myself and anyone who is being pursued.  I have the Body and Soul talent, so it gives a nice speed boost.  Now, you could aggro dump and Fade.. however, he’s just going to target someone else immediately.  That ain’t cool- really.  Only use that if you have to.  My advice is try to outrun him if you can.  In heroic versions, if he doesn’t change targets on his own or if you aggro dump, he just gets faster and faster until he hits ice.  With only 6 ice patches on hero, you kind of want to avoid having to use it.

By the time this phase is over, there will be a lot of people with debuffs on them.  So heal them up as quickly as you can.  If you’re lucky, you will only have one burrow phase.

Leeching Swarm

This part of the fight leaves me frenzied on heroic.  OMG.. Sweaty Palms.

When Anub hits 30%, he will begin this parasitical give and take with the raid.  You giveth health to the raid.  Anub taketh it away.  WowWiki describes it thusly:

At 30% Anub’arak releases a swarm of insects that attack the caster’s enemies, leeching 10% (Hard Mode 30%) of each target’s CURRENT (not maximum) health every 1 second. A minimum of 250 health will be leeched.

You will see the raid’s health drop hard and fast.  But here is the challenge.  You can’t heal the raid up more than 50% because if you do, he just gains that health while you are still trying to DPS- thus the “leeching” part of the thing.  He wants to suck your blood.  So, your goal is to keep the raid up but not too much because you’re essentially healing Anub, too. So what to do?

In regular, this is simple.  Most every healer should focus on the tank- or tanks if an add is still up.  I just throw everything I can at the tank, and if I see someone get too low, I pop a PoM on them which bounces through the raid healing people in need- and trust me most are in desperate need of a heal or two.  When I hear the Blizz “omg-you-are-dying-beep,” I pop PoM on myself.  Sometimes renew will work well, especially with the Triumph four-set.

Now, on heroic?  I need your help here.  I may try the holy nova trick next time.  Last night in hero 10, we actually tried Divine Hymn in the third phase.  I think it healed him up too much, and we all died anyway.  So, I have nothing to offer here for the hero version.  I can only tell you, I want Anub the Hero dead.. and soon.

Again, always looking for suggestions!

Happy Raiding,


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  1. Posted by Doug on December 2, 2009 at 8:18 am

    On ToGC10 Anub:
    Is the enrage getting you? If yes, MORE DPS P1, and less heals P2. If no, dont hesitate heal more to keep people alive (Hymn).
    Since your DPS does what they do, you can get just a bit more DPS on the boss P3 by letting burrowers burrow (requires OT to be spot on when they resurface).
    Now think about how to reduce the % health of the raid P3. If you are Discipline spec owns here, because bubble spam means that the raid can be at a lower% health for a longer period of time. As holy, CoH is your best friend, use it on cooldown P3. A Holy “trick” you can pull is to intentionally let yourself “die” and finish out the fight in Spirit of Redemption form, tossing Guardian Spirit on the tank as it expires.
    Also, Renew the targets with the blue cold debuff thing (forget the name atm) but that alone will not keep them up (unless it is you, in which case sub in binding heal as needed to save the GCD you would use on Renew). PoM may be your nemesis here, especially if you speced Test of Faith (10k+ PoM may be too counterproductive here).


  2. If your two healing it have one healer just focus the two tanks and the other raid heal. If you have a third healer have them help with both.

    Tank healing is pretty straight forward as the tanks tend to be the people who you still want topped up most of the time.

    One of the harder things to learn about raid healing phase 3 is not freaking out by about low health bars. As holy i’d probably FH one person with Penetrating Cold, FH the other then PoH the non-tank group. Finally CoH the lowest person in the tank group and PoM the next lowest person.. Or something like that.

    If you have a Ret paly Judging Light or a Healing stream totem you can pretty much ignore the non-tank, non-PC players.. Let them drop down to about 5-10% health. The PC people I heal up to about 40% once or twice during the time they are afflicted with the debuff.

    As raid healing Disc I just shield the lowest people, especially the PC people, then PoH a group (if needed). Then shield a couple more then PoH another group. I actually find PoM heals for too much and I try to avoid using it except in emergencies (oh I just read Doug said the same).

    Gobble gobble.


  3. Thanks, guys! Very good information here. The enrage timer doesn’t get to us. that’s not the problem. The problem now is keeping people up with out keeping them up too much. Will definitely try these techniques though. I really do appreciate it. Hopefully, I can report a kill on 10 heroic by the end of this week! 🙂


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  5. […] The best advice I can give for any fight is to remain Raid Aware. LOL.  Simple but true and very valuable here.  There are a lot of things to deal with in Trial of the Crusader.  Who knew Blizz would incorporate dodge ball into a boss fight?  Wait until we get to Anub’arak.  It’s like playing tag with a big scarab.  That final boss fight in Trial of the Crusader is up next. […]


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