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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from OMG.. Priest!

Welcome to 2010!  May the new year bring you much love, happiness, peace and joy IRL and many big boss kills in WoW!

I don’t have any big end of the year post as this blog is maybe a month old.  I look forward to hearing from the readers of this blog, writing more posts and recording more podcasts about my in-game experiences.

As for my resolutions, WoW and marriage have turned me into a bit of a fat arse, so…. hubby and I are going to try to squeeze a little Wii time into the WoW mix. 🙂

Again, Happy New Year.. and Happy Raiding!


OMG-Podcast: Healing The Pally Tank

Today, we talk to Faelong, a ret pally on the Antonidas server who doubles as a guild (and hubby) tank when needed.  He will tell us about the right way to heal the Pally Tank.  Just in case you didn’t know, over-healing can be bad for the pally tank.  Enjoy!

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And thanks to our OMG.. Priest! Podcast subscribers!  Wow, what an honor to be included on your list!  Still working on the mechanics, so bear with me. 🙂 

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Top commenter, X, suggested I talk about why I chose to play a priest.  I am working on that, X.  Thanks for the suggestion. If any of you have any other ideas, let me know. 🙂
Happy Raiding!

Going Discipline…

So, the guild hit a road block on Deathbringer Saurfang last night.  Maybe we have too many ranged (18!), not enough melee.  Maybe it’s the fact that with so many ranged, it’s hard to keep the recommended- and necessary 12 yard distance.  Or maybe the previous “strategy” we used to down him was more luck than anything.  I don’t know, but our resident discipline player has now fallen in love with shadow, and it was decided we needed his dps more than his instant PW:S.

The problem is   Boiling Blood is nothing to play around with.  Without the PW:S on all who get it, the boss gets more  Blood Power– or at least that’s the theory.  And we used a StratFu strategy last night where the ranged was grouped up in twos.  So,   Blood Nova was hitting two people at once thus giving him even more   Blood Power.  I have read different information abut how many points of BP he gets from the de-buffs.  Some say just 1 for BN.. others say 2.  Regardless, we need to figure something out.

If the goal is to keep Saur-puss from hitting 100 Blood Power so he won’t cast   Mark of the Fallen Champion too soon, then it is imperative that we mitigate the damage from these de-buffs.  Holy has too long of a CD on PW:S to be efficient.

Long story short.. I am going to have to go discipline for this fight.  It is a spec I have only ever dabbled in.  So I am guessing people will die?  Oh.My.Gosh!  I hope not.  I am going to read up on this spec and how it works for our Thursday night raid.  If you have any pointers, please feel free!

Happy Raiding!


OMG.. Earthquake! Wait… earthquake?

I thought my computer was acting up, but maybe not.  According to, there have been small earthquakes going on in-game.  The writers over there believe it is related to Cataclysm.  I absolutely love it!  Another in-game event coming up, perhaps?

Remember back in 2008 when all the zombies took over the World of Warcraft and those huge hovering buildings dripping with goo mysteriously hovered over our world like spaceships full of aliens promising to change our World for the worse forever?  It was just before Wrath of the Lich King hit the market.  I was so friggin’ annoyed with the zombies and being chased by mobs of people in Ironforge.  My dispels simply weren’t quick enough.  I remember a guildie and I hiding out in the Mystics Wing up top, hoping no one would find us.  Then I took to hovering above Shatt as a safe haven; however, when the event ended, I actually missed the excitement of the scourge hunting me down.

I look forward to another world event.  This time, I will take the time to actually enjoy it.  Oh, Blizz, please give us something fun to do!  Something that would even cross realms in the LFG system.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Now, I will be looking for in-game earthquakes and aftershocks, hoping that the Cataclysm is near.  Who would of thunk that?

Happy Raiding!


BiS Boots?

Well, I did it. I pulled the trigger on the Sandals of Consecration.  You may recall that pre-Patch 3.3 I was trying to make as much gold as possible so I could purchase Primordial Saronite as needed.  Well I got up to just 26k (can you believe some people have 300k in their bank!?!), and then I decided my DK needed work.  That took me down to about 21k.  But last night, I went down to just over 10k b/c I ended up buying four Primordial Saronite to make the boots.  My guild gave me one.  Making those boots was bittersweet for me.  I was in sort of a bad mood, but I do have them now.  It is what I worked for after all.  Plus my DK is still hard at work working on the saronite for the next pattern,  Lightweave Leggings.  Anyhoo, I will try my boots out tonight in ICC 10.  Wish me luck!

Off to start my day… Happy Raiding!


OMG.. Priest! The Podcast

Listen to me!

Hello, everyone.  I am hoping to do a podcast once a week on various topics.  I will most likely highlight some of the keywords you guys are using to get to the site and of course news from Blizzard and whatnot.  You can send me your ideas or leave a comment at the end  of this post. I love to write and love to talk.  It’s what I do for a living so…. here we are!  This first podcast will give you a very brief history as to how I came to play WoW. 

Happy Raiding!


More Pug-Foolery

So by the luck of the LFG draw, I got this tank for Old Kingdom. 

Check out this tank's health

OK is… “ok”.. okay?  It’s not that difficult of an instance- IF you’ve run it time and time again before.  But the first thing the tank says to me as we are getting ready for first pull is…

I never tanked this before

Granted, I do sound rather rude and elitist.  I’m not really that way.  We had just gotten off the road from visiting every relative and in-law known to man for the holidays, and I just wanted my badges.  So, yes, I was wrong.  I am willing to admit that; however, Continue reading