Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader Part Two

This is Part Two of Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader.  You can find Part One here.


“Trifling gnome..  You face Jaraxxus!”

The raid leader usually spreads us out in groups of two around the star’s points on the floor and tanks the guy in the middle.  I turn on /range to make sure I am not close to anyone but my partner.  I PoM the tank, bubble and renew him- trying to refresh them as needed.  Whenever someone gets the Legion Flame or Incinerate Flesh debuff, I can either pop a renew or over heal them.  CoH and Serendipity PoH can be your friend here, too, especially if the tanks are indeed in one group.  We usually have two other tanks on the infernals and sisters, so I like to keep a renew and an eye on them.  You will be called on to dispel Nether Power off the boss.  DBM will warn you about that.  Most mages try to spell steal it a few times before you do.  Sometimes, my dispel misses, but I am thinking one of the other cleansers gets it off, too.

On Heroic, we have not successfully downed him yet, but here’s what I can tell you from what I have seen.  Keep a shadow spell hot keyed on your bar for the Mistress’ Kiss.  I prefer SW:P.   As soon as she kisses you, you must use a spell outside of your spec/school to get rid of it.  You cannot heal again until you do!  Also, don’t forget FADE is your FRIEND.  lol  And when the portals come out, I do like to throw a DoT on it- IF and only IF the raid’s health is in good shape.

Faction Champs

Hmmm.  This is a fight that will change every week depending on what NPC’s you get.  I used to be the priest that Mass Dispelled.  That was my job, but now we have a pally tank who will cleanse until his fingers fall off.  This frees me up to heal.  The only thing different is that you need to have Every Man For Himself hotkeyed.  You can also wear a trinket to get out of movement impairing spells.  You will also have to scream frequently as assigned by the RL.. or as needed by you.  Again, remember FADE is your FRIEND.  Those things get on you, they don’t want to get off.  They don’t really have an aggro table.  So, use every heal you have at your disposal.  Instant cast spells are good as you will have to move a lot.  These include PoM, CoH, and renew.  If you can get off to the side where no one- including that darn rogue- will notice you, I suggest pre-emptive heals based on the FH,FH,FH,POH formula found here.  Follow up with a quick CoH and PM to whoever is taking damage.  The PoM will bounce through a few people unless you see the need to pop it again as soon as the CD is up.

I have not yet ventured into 25 man heroic.  10 man heroic is pretty sweet.  Nothing spectacular that I can think of to report to you right now.  Just heal your ass off.  This fight can be unpredictable due to the fact, the NPC’s can always be different.  What is predictable is the NPC’s behavior once on the floor.  It’s best to dispel the bubbles that pop up as well as Bloodlust- always!  DBM will warn you about that.

Any suggestions?  Please post them here!

We will touch on the Twins tomorrow!  Let me just say for the record… I don’t like dem gurlz.

Happy Raiding,


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  2. Posted by Doug on December 1, 2009 at 10:17 am

    On Jaraxxus, dont forget that you can preheal ( queue up a Greater Heal) the person that gets Pain Spike from one of the sisters. On Heroic, it can be the difference between them livingh and dying brcause that thing hits HARD!

    If you are free from dispelling duties (or are just slower than someone else) try healing at the margins (just doing what you can to keep people topped off) using CoH>PoM>FH and swapping to PoH or Greater Heal (with a stack or three of serendipity of course) when one of the other heals gets CCed.


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