Giving Thanks For Warcraft

So, it’s the day after Thanksgiving.. Black Friday, if you will.. and I am at work doing a live shot about how much fun all the regular people get to have on their OFF DAY shopping at the mall. I’m actually a TV news reporter IRL. The news never takes a holiday so I worked yesterday and today. I missed all the sales and had what was probably the worst turkey day ever. I didn’t get to see my family. I had to work. I was supposed to be fed at work FOR FREE. They usually have a nice spread, but no. They sent me two hours away shortly after I got in. So I missed the free meal and ended up spending $14 on a terrible meal from Golden Corral. The turkey meat was processed. The dressing was horrible. The cranberry sauce? I had to scrape it out of the bottom of the container. So I didn’t eat it. Obviously that meant a million people had already been through it. The rolls were hard- how the hell do you mess up those rolls? The only thing I had to look forward to was spending time with hubby and the dog… and playing Warcraft when I got home. Ahh, sweet therapy. Kill stuff.

If only the in-game Pilgrim’s Bounty food were real. Roasted turkey, cranberry chutney, spice bread stuffing, sweet potatoes…. YUM. My DK cooked up a bunch last night just to get her cooking skill up. If I had the time this year, maybe I would have attempted the same in real life. Anyhoo.. I am feeling a little better now. I will be a-okay after this live shot and when my weekend begins.

I do have a lot to be thankful for. I am married to a wonderful man who loves me AND my little bitch of a dog. My parents are still married and living and blessed. My sister and her husband are working on a baby! (YAY!) We are all employed and able to meet our needs. And every now and then we get the stuff we want. The last two days, I have not gotten everything I wanted, but I am thankful nonetheless.

And tonight, after I clock out, I’ll go home, spend time with my immediate fam, and then log on. kill stuff. yay.

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