OMG… Invincible!

Now, I’m not all that crazy about mounts, but this one rocks! I mean I was all excited and stuff when I got Attumen’s Horse in Kara (I looked super cool on it in shadowform at the time), but this is a horse that is a gabillion times better than the Headless Horseman’s mount. “The darn thing has wings!” (Some older female players might remember that line from a commercial 🙂 )

I swear, when his wings went up in this video the first time I saw it, my heart stopped just a little bit.

The Pug and The Butt Scootin’ Boogie
This on made me laugh because my shih tzu does the same thing. Also from MMO Champion:

“I already posted a video of Perky Pug a few weeks ago but one of the latest PTR build added an … interesting animation to this pet. I suggest that you watch the whole video before you decide if he’s still cute. “

All the fun starts at :39.

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