The Patch Fund, the Distribution of Primordial Saronite, and a Poll

Here, piggy, piggy, piggy!Running around with 81 Flasks of Frost Wyrm in my bags (you know, just in case I run out), I decided I would sell a few to go towards my “Patch Fund.”  They seem to be selling well.

It was hard to part with them though.  I mean, I should have joined the Horde because I “hoard” a lot of stuff.  I know, I know…  same sound, different meaning- almost homonymic but not quite. 

My tailor hoards cloth for recipes.  My alchemist hoards raw gems just in case I get something new.  I used to keep abyss crystals at my disposal, but I finally decided to start selling them or making weapon enchants.  All for the “Patch Fund.”  I still keep a crapload of infinite dust to make my cloth.  And don’t forget the close to 200 Dalaran Cooking Awards!  I decided to forego the hat for monetary gain.  You need spices?  I got spices…

I go through these phases, where I start clearing out the bags and bank, hoping that when the patch finally does drop, that I will be prepared for whatever.  My husband is staring at Shadow’s Edge and Shadowmourne right now, wondering HOW IN THE HELL he is going to get 25 primordial saronite together.

My advice to him?  “Better get your Patch Fund together.”

Speaking of Primordial Saronite…

It’s going to be interesting to see how the guilds deal with these items.  Will they treat them as they did the Fragments of Val’anyr.  Giving them to their best DPS until he/she has 25?  Or will they treat them like Crusader Orbs since they are used in the crafting patterns, too?  Our guild would give toons half of the amount of runed or crusader orbs needed for a pattern, but I have no idea how we will handle this.  A lot to discuss.

What do you think?

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