Update: We are getting close

After several more wipes in ToGC 25, my ToGC 10 group worked on Anub’arak.  Got him down to 27%.  We actually saw the Leeching Swarm this time!  That’s progress.  Yay!  G’night!

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  1. Posted by Doug on November 20, 2009 at 8:34 am

    Congrats on the progress! If I may ask, what seems to be the hang up?

    I actually managed some awesome progress myself yesterday in my priest (alt). I posted my highest sustained HPS (9.5k) on ToC25 twins (ended up 3 healing it because the other 3 heals were hugging the wrong orbs at the start). I finally found a ToC25 PUG that didnt fall apart at Anub! So I have now cleared ToC25 on my priest…a full month after I got the tribute to mad skill in ToGC10.

    Also got a tribute to insane skill ToGC10 (guild first) on my lock (main) : )


    • Congrats! That is awesome. For us, it’s the big adds. Too many adds up (3+little ones) and too many people down. They either got hosted by the stacking debuff or the spikes. So, it’s a lot that’s happening, but I think we will finish this up this week. Six more attempts before the chest disappears… I think we can! I think we can!


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