Scarabs Suck

I feel the need to  mention how much I hate Anub’arak on Trial of the Grand Crusader 10.  In our ToGC 25, we got our first kill on the Beasts just last week.  So we won’t be seeing him there anytime soon; however, both of our 10-man groups are OH.CO.CLOSE!

Last night, we got him to 37%… and the mofo burrowed on us! Then three adds came back up.  It was just a bad situation.  I think we have finally got the pursuing thing down.  The targeted person runs one way, kiting the boss sort of around the ice.  Everyone else runs the other way.  I try to use Body and Soul when he get closer.  If there’s not any ice- and we usually try to preserve it in heroic since there are only SIX- I Fade when he is about to tap my arse.  Of course, THAT means he is going to target someone else, full-speed and getting faster. 

I noticed a little bit of geometry with the fight, too.  Let’s say I am kiting along the wall, and he gets too close.  I fade…  Anub makes a beeline towards the next closest person, and it’s not always from behind.  He could hit them from the side or anything, and if you can’t react and change directions fast enough, you WILL die.  It just makes sense for the rest of the raid to run as far away as possible, but I don’t know if that will keep the spikes from t-boning you.

I don’t think the pursuit was our problem last night, though.  I think the problem is burning those adds down with some AOE almost up under the boss.  That way, all targets take damage.  We can’t decide when to pop heroism though.  It seems like if we can get him down in the 60-66% range before the first burrow, we might be able to finish him off  with only one more burrow phase .  Any suggestions out there?

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  1. Posted by Doug on November 19, 2009 at 7:58 am

    If you have a balanced group, tanking the adds on an ice patch under the boss’s abdomen is the way to go. Have the melee DPS stay on the boss (while things like blade flurry and whirlwind hit bith the boss and adds). Have the ranged burn down the first add (or set, I forget if 1or 2 spawn on heroic), then go back to the boss. Leave the second add spawn up until the boss burrows. Avoiding getting hit by the white bugs is crucial, because the stacking debuff makes healing extremely difficult during leeching swarm. If you have an add uo when leaching swarm starts, you have the option of letting it burrow if things look close DPS wise. Also I most definitely recommend 2 healing this fight.

    Heroism should be used during Leeching swarm to burn the boss as fast as possible so he heals himself for less.


  2. I will pass this on to the raid leader for our group! TY 😉


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