"Domo Arigato, Mr. Healbot-O"

As you may know, I love Healbot. Getting started with the mod can seem like a daunting task for a priest.  We have a lot of spells to program, but once you get it done, healing is cake.

There is a pally in our guild who would not use mods.  He shunned them to heal it old-school.  Recently, he gave in, and Healbot blew his mind!  I remember him saying something about not having his heals sniped anymore?


When you download the mod, several of the spells are pre-programmed to your mouse buttons; however, you can change them to your liking.   Here’s a screenshot from the developer’s website (click for larger pic):

Healbot Spells

My mouse: Logitech LX7I am using a five-button, wireless mouse from Logitech. Nothing fancy! Each button is programmed to a series of spells to be used in conjunction with SHIFT, CTRL and ALT.  

  • My “Auto Trinket” is tied to my Circle of Healing using the most awesome Talisman of Resurgence trink. 
  • The “unique spells for each spec” is nice.
  • I’ve never seen “SmartCast” work.  If any of you have, please comment and share!

Oh, those little bars

You can configure the look of your healbot however you like.  They have added a skin that looks a lot like Grid.  You can control the size of the boxes/bars and where they sit on your screen.  Below is a pic from an FTA raid on the horde.  I resized the boxes so all 40 would fit without driving me crazy.  My 25-man setup is less cumbersome.  You can also tell Healbot to hide your party frames which gives me a lot more screen space.

No More Decursive (or anything else to clutter your screen)


I have actually been able to replace Decursive with Healbot due to the fact the developers have been very good about adding new debuffs to track with each new version.  Debuffs like “Snobolled!” and “Napalm Blast.” I use LEFT+CTRL to dispel; RIGHT+CTRL to cure disease. 

You can pick the colors that will display for each type of debuff so you know exactly what spell to cast.  You can also manually add any debuff that it is not currently tracking under the “Cure” tab.  Just add it under “Custom Debuffs” using the exact name of the buff.


You can also set it up to tell you who in the raid is missing a buff by color coding the bars under the “Buffs” tab.  I keep an eye on the obvious priestly buffs: 

  • Power Word: Fortitude (white)
  • Shadow Protection (purple)
  • Divine Spirit (blue)
  • Inner Fire  (It is possible to track only you or all priests.) (red)

If just one person is missing a buff, I have programmed the single target versions of each buff in my mouse.

Find the right mod for you

I always see people searching for answers on forums about which healing add-on to use- if one at all.  I have found that it really is up to you trying them out for yourself.  I recently tried Grid+Clique for one day.  Then, I went back to Healbot.  Of course, there are people who swear by Grid, and for the day I used it, I could see why they loved it so much.  I chose to go back to Healbot because my priest was “raised” on it.  She doesn’t really know anything else- which is sad.  And when the raid gets in a tight spot, I don’t need to be in “practice mode” on a new mod. LOL  I may give Grid another try, but for now, “Domo Arigato, Mr. Healbot-O!  You have served me well.”

Happy Raiding, peeps!


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