But.. what about our raid schedule?

I read a little about the new Dungeon System in 3.3. No more Daily Heroics… just Daily Dungeons. If we do these dailies as a guild, looks like we will be raiding seven days/week!  It’s like “Woot” and “Oh-my-gosh” all at the same time!  Look at today’s blue post about it…

From Blizz by way of MMO Champion:

“Bosses in Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, Eye of Eternity, Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, and all Heroics will drop Emblems of Triumph. Bosses in the Icecrown Citadel 10- and 25-player dungeon will drop Emblems of Frost. Choosing the Random Heroic Dungeon option via the Dungeon Finder (new in content update 3.3) and completing whatever dungeon is selected for you will award you with two Emblems of Frost the first time you do it (this is in place of the daily Heroic dungeon quests which are being replaced with weekly raid dungeon quests).

Continuing to use the Random Heroic Dungeon option within that same day to complete dungeons will award you with two Emblems of Triumph each time in addition to those dropped in the instances. The random option can also select Heroic dungeons to which you may already be saved, so you can technically do every Heroic dungeon more than once in a day by continuing to use this option.”

Also from Blizz:

“Players or groups can choose specific dungeons or they can instead take their chances with a random Heroic or random normal dungeon. Picking randomly conveys some additional benefits. If you defeat the final boss in a dungeon, you receive 2 Emblems of Frost for Heroic dungeons and 2 Emblems of Triumph for normal dungeons. In addition, after players have received 2 Emblems of Frost for the first Heroic dungeon they do in a day, they will earn 2 Emblems of Triumph for each additional random Heroic dungeons in that day. These random rewards replace the current daily dungeon and daily Heroic dungeon quests. The current NPCs who offer those quests will offer weekly repeatable raid quests instead. You can also earn level-appropriate rewards for running random pre-Wrath of the Lich King dungeons while you are leveling up.”

This seems like a good way to earn the new emblems; however, I wonder how officers of various raiding guilds will handle the change?  We try to stick to a four-day/week raiding schedule with certain dungeons on certain days, and to be honest, it was a very difficult task to nail it down. We were already aware that we would have to revamp the schedule once Icecrown dropped.

The good news is, we would most likely shift our focus to progressing on the Icecrown raids, and I think we are to the point now where these daily heroics- if not pugged throughout the day- might be good “warmup” for the new content. That way, we can complete it as a guild. The bad news is, people say they don’t mind sitting out on some of the “old stuff” now, but I have a feeling that will change with this new system.  I predict people clamoring to get an invite!

The way it reads, it looks like you could do the same heroic dungeon TWICE if it just happens to be the daily.  So for example, if we have a set ToC raid ID from Tuesday, and then ToC is the daily on a Thursday- would they have separate ID’s?  I don’t know that I completely understand this. I guess I’ll have to learn as I go.

Happy Raiding!


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