My Healing Style

As stated earlier, the Triumph four-set has forced me to use Renew that much more.

Since I am a holy priest, my strong point is raid heals; however, I am able to tank heal. My current off-spec is discipline; however, my experiment with that is better left for a future post.

I usually start of with a Prayer of Mending up on a tank. Of course, everything you do depends on who is taking damage, anticipating that damage and deciding what you will do about it.

After the first hit on the tank, of course, that PoM will bounce off to someone else. I then hit the tank with a Renew. What follows next is very basic priest healing. I don’t call it a rotation, but I guess that’s what it is.

Flash Heal>Flash Heal>Flash Heal>Greater Heal or Prayer of Healing

That’s three Flash Heals first. You can also cast Binding Heal here if you are taking damage as well.

Those three heals in any combination will trigger Serendipity which as you can see lowers the cast time of your next Greater Heal or Prayer of Healing by 12%. This is huge because they heal for more in less time, and if you are a meter maid, it equals more heals per second. My goal is to keep people alive.. not top the meters; however, it is nice when I do.

I use Circle of Healing– preferably every six seconds in tandem with a PoM on a tank, when I see three or more people take damage. The six second cooldown forces you to use it sparingly as I used to spam the crap out of it before Blizzard nerfed it in 2008.

I have tied CoH by “auto trinket” on Healbot to trigger my Talisman of Resurgence. This is a sweet trinket that you can buy with 50 Emblems of Triumph. If that trinket’s CD is up and the entire raid takes damage like after an Icehowl Massive Crash, I love to pop it and cast Divine Hymn. Talk about sweet heals! Just sit back and watch the health totals go up. It procs the Hospitality buff which lasts for 20 seconds. Take this time to heal of up the raid groups with PoH.

My “oh crap” button belongs to the Guardian Spirit spell. This button is reserved for the tanks when they take massive hits. It has saved many lives. The glyph for GS is nice as it cuts the CD from three minutes to just one!

Another thing to remember is your Power Word: Shield. Combined with a Renew and the PWS Glyph, you can heal several people at once.

Speaking of Glyphs…
Here are mine for now:
MAJOR: Glyph of Power Word Shield, Glyph of Guardian Spirit, Glyph of Circle Of Healing (Thinking of using Glyph of Renew to go with 4-set.. but what to replace?)
MINOR: Glyph of Shadowfiend (more mana), Glyph of Shackle Undead (idk), Glyph of Levitate (no more feathers!)

I keep an arsenal of consumables at my disposal:
Flask of Frost Wyrm
Flask of Pure Mojo
Flask of Distilled Wisdom
Elixir of Lightning Speed
Elixir of Mighty Thoughts
Guru’s Elixir

Fish Feasts
Imperial Manta Steak

I also keep basic mana and health foods in case a mage just can’t be found.

As I am lacking sufficient haste right now, my favorite raid meal consists of a nice Imperial Manta Steak followed by Elixirs of Mighty Thoughts and Lightning Speed. If you have armoried me, you won’t see my four-set or my “haste” set, but depending on the fight, I like to put different pieces on at this point.

My Mods
I absolutely love Healbot. I may walk you through my setup in the future. But I have every priest spell known to man programmed. I can also dispel and remove disease using the very simple interface.
Power Auras:
I have programmed it to let me know visually when Serendipity procs as well as for my PoM ad CoH cooldowns. It also displays how long I am in my Hospitality phase.
Others include Deadly Boss Mods, Omen, and Bartender so I can situate my UI as I see fit.

The words you see right above healbot is Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text, which I used previous to Power Auras. Both work well.

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  1. […] The priests usually start out levitating all the ranged toons.  This mitigates the fire bombs and works especially well in hero (due to the nasty tick the fire bomb leaves behind.)  No fire damage equals better survival.  I also try to re-levitate toons when the levitate wears off.  I programmed my mouse to shift+mouse wheel to re-levitate quickly.  I am usually assigned to raid heals.  So I keep renew, PW:S and PoM on the tanks.  I try to hit CoH along with PoM if necessary (they are both on ~6 second CD), especially when Gormak does his stomp on melee.  Please see the My Healing Style post about my Serendipity rotation. […]


  2. […] renew.  If you can get off to the side where no one- including that darn rogue- will notice you, I suggest pre-emptive heals based on the FH,FH,FH,POH formula found here.  Follow up with a quick CoH and PM to whoever is taking damage.  The PoM will bounce through a […]


  3. Posted by ithilyn on December 1, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    Great info, thanks! I’m working on leveling up my priest.


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