Five Healing ToGC and Priestly 4-sets

So, last night we were stuck on Northrend Beasts… again! But we almost killed Icehowl with just five healers… FIVE HEALERS! Some of the officers didn’t think it would be possible to five heal it, but I suggested we get another dps since one of our heals couldn’t stay connected. I told them, “We may surprise you.. then again we may not.” The least we could do was try. And try we did with one holy priest (me), one discipline priest, one shammie, two holy pallies.

The pallies and disc. priest were each assigned a tank. The shammie and I rocked the raid with chain heals and prayers of healing. I think we could have downed Icehowl- had someone not been hit by the charge. That cost us a lot of uninteruppted DPS.

Anywho, our healers are some of the best you will find, and the guild has done a good job of gearing us up.

Holy Priest Four-Set
Last night was also the first time I raided in the Triumph four-set. The sets read out like this:
(2) Set: Increases the healing done by your Prayer of Mending spell by 20%.
(4) Set: Increases the shield from your Divine Aegis and the instant healing from your Empowered Renew by 10%.

I must admit I was skeptical before- as were many priests, but that instant healing from renew immediately became one of my top three spells on Recount. It is a nice filler spell to use on tanks or any raid member taking damage when your attention must be directed in other areas.

I guess I will post more on my healing style a bit later. I am still working on it, as the four-set bonus has forced me to make use of renew that much more.

Until then.. Happy Raiding!


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