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Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader Part Two

This is Part Two of Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader.  You can find Part One here.


“Trifling gnome..  You face Jaraxxus!”

The raid leader usually spreads us out in groups of two around the star’s points on the floor and tanks the guy in the middle.  I turn on /range to make sure I am not close to anyone but my partner.  Continue reading

Priest Healing Trial of the Crusader Part One

I’ve been seeing a lot of searches for the title of this post. While I do not claim to be an expert, I’ve been healing the 10 and 25-regular of this for months and months.  I have done 10 and 25 heroic for while, too.  More success in hero 10 than 25 hero though- LOL.

Anyway.. I figured I would walk you through what I do during the fights.  Gormak, the worms and Icehowl are up first! Continue reading

Turn the lights on!

I am pretty certain I am one of the few people who has never seen Windle Sparkshine, but my husband discovered him last night. According to the comments on wowhead, he walks around turning the lights on in Dalaran and then sells you wands that will allow you to do the same. They say there’s no achievement for it, but still it was pretty fun to do.

Giving Thanks For Warcraft

So, it’s the day after Thanksgiving.. Black Friday, if you will.. and I am at work doing a live shot about how much fun all the regular people get to have on their OFF DAY shopping at the mall. I’m actually a TV news reporter IRL. The news never takes a holiday so I worked yesterday and today. Continue reading

OMG… Invincible!

Now, I’m not all that crazy about mounts, but this one rocks! I mean I was all excited and stuff when I got Attumen’s Horse in Kara (I looked super cool on it in shadowform at the time), but this is a horse that is a gabillion times better than the Headless Horseman’s mount. “The darn thing has wings!” (Some older female players might remember that line from a commercial 🙂 ) Continue reading

Exanna The Pilgrim

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Well, the server finally came back up last night, bt I had to wait until this morning to get the final pieces to my Pilgrim’s Bounty puzzle. Hubby made a gnome rogue while I got one last Turkey Shooter. After shooting him, he logged on his main- a lvl 80 pally- and we headed to Sethekk Halls. I donned my best pilgrim outfit to defeat Talon King Ikiss, and voila! I got my title! I love titles. I don’t care too much about other achievements, but the holiday events are pretty sweet to me.

The Turkinator
After the server did come back up, someone offered to pay me in gold to get The Turkinator for them. Getting that on a different class of toon was difficult for me, but I did it, and he was grateful. My wrists hurt when I was done, LOL, but at least he gets his Pilgrim title, too

I got "manabonked!"


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Or at least that’s the mail I got from the NPC Minigob Manabonk . I was tabbed out- AT WORK- when it happened, so I totally missed the being sheeped part. I did, however, get an in-game e-mail from Minigob with a handy dandy wand. I used it on some stranger.. and the darn thing went away! The guy was sheeped though, and he targeted me, so i don’t think he was too happy? IDK… fun stuff. Hate I missed it.

It’s the little stuff like this that make the game extra special. Don’t get me wrong. I love raiding, but to have a random NPC interact with me in a different way is pretty cool.